Paws Without Flaws

About 4 years ago I call Paws Without Flaws to help us train our new German Shepard puppy. Mae came out to our house to interview us and our new puppy to make sure we were a good fit to work together and we were. Her knowledge and expertise were immediately evident. We found our she ​is also a vet tech which made us more convinced we chose the right trainer for the job. The next thing that we learned was that she is not a dog trainer she is actually a dog owner trainer., She helped us learn how to train our puppy Gunner and to understand that training dogs is all about " you get out of it what you put into it" She is very upfront, professional and care deeply about animals and their well-being. Our initial training with Gunner was very successful and we still use the tools she gave us daily. To this day we consider Mae not only and an excellent resource regarding dog training but, also an extremely valued friend. We highly recommend her services at Paws Without Flaws. Give her a call, your and your dog will be happy you did!​              -Cory and Gunner

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I​ rescued Luna when she was close to 6 weeks and she responded well to my early basic training. When she around 8 months her behavior became so out of control, I thought I would have to think about re-homing her because of the problems she was having and I was unable to find a solution. She was so fearful that on daily walks she would constantly pull the leash almost to the point it was out of my hands. She was terrif​ied of every strange sound, person and change in her environment. I started a search for a trainer and contacted the “Big Box” stores and wasn’t sure they were qualified to handle Luna and her issues.

In January of 2011, I contacted Maegan and we arranged a consultation for her to evaluate her and discuss what could be accomplished in a training plan. I communicated Luna’s background, as well as her genetics, being a hybrid and Maegan, was willing to take on the challenge of training. Maegan was patient in gaining Luna’s trust and worked with me on building her confidence as well as getting Luna to trust and respond to simple obedience commands. After 3 private 1-1 sessions with Maegan, Luna was able to join the group distractions class. Luna’s quirky behavior presented several challenges and with each new challenge, Maegan was able to develop a plan and strategy to the point that Luna was able to complete 20 to 30-minute sit/stays and down/stays in public areas with multiple distractions in the presence of other dogs. I was so impressed with her knowledge and the results I was seeing in Luna’s behavior that I made the 60-mile one-way trip each week to participate in her group classes for 18 months.

Throughout the classes, Maegan showed and explained to me Luna’s body language and how to interpret it to modify her behavior. With every new quirk or challenge Luna has presented, Maegan was able to provide different strategies to try as part of her training. Maegan has always shown a high degree of professionalism and patience when dealing with my unique dog. As a result of her work, I am able to take Luna around large groups of people, on hiking trails, and in pet-friendly stores and have a well-behaved dog. I have people approach me all the time commenting on ‘what a good dog she is’. The positive changes in Luna are a direct result of Maegan’s training and knowledge in canine behavior. Luna still has many of her quirky genetic traits but the knowledge I have gained through Maegan’s training has been instrumental in allowing me to use strategies to continue to build Luna’s confidence in new situations. Her training has helped me in understanding Luna and has resulted in a more confident, well behaved dog.

When Maegan relocated to the Phoenix area I was unable to continue with the group sessions. Even so, her connection and willingness to continue to help me with training was evident. Whenever I have questions or concerns about Luna’s reactivity I can send her an email or text and she will respond with a tip for dealing with the behavior. This commitment to her clients is so appreciated when dealing with a unique dog such as mine. I would highly recommend any dog owner needing a great trainer to seek out her assistance.

Deb Lopez, the proud owner of Luna ‘the coyote’

Winslow, Az